February 05, 2016

Check out these new wooden usb drives  that I just received from www.usbmemorydirect.com  Pretty sweet right!  Any time I find a product that can add to my branding I’m super excited.  I heard about these drives a little while back from a couple of my photographer friends and they’ve been on my to do list to order.  I decided to go with the bamboo ones as I love the look of them.  I also really like the magnetic fastener that helps hold the lid on too.  The ones I got are 8 GB which should be plenty big enough to deliver everything from weddings to commercial shoots to my clients.  Definitely check out their website as there is lots of different styles to choose from and they can be customized with your logo.

LS3M0785 LS3M0786 LS3M0789 LS3M0790

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Aaron Lockwood is lead photographer and owner of Lockwood Studios. With over a decade in the photography industry, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project. Along with that has come many awards and accolades both locally and nationally. Customer service and client experience are top priority to Lockwood Studios.

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